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Odmiana samopylna.

Frost resistance [°C]-24
Resistance to diseasehigh
Color of fruitsLight green
Time of fruit ripeningearly
PurposeDessert vines
Size of raceme [g]900 - 1200

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9 reviews for Lancelot

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The object of the offered product is an annual vine seedling with the so-called naked root


The basic type of vine which should be planted is an annual seedling with the so-called naked root dug from the ground. This type of vine is the basic seedling used to plant a vineyard all over the world. For professional plantations, nurseries and horticultural companies, this should be the only choice. It is also recommended for amateur crops in home gardens, parcels or small plantations. However, what is very important, vines of this type can be planted only in spring (from March to the end of May) and autumn (from the beginning of October to the end of December until the soil freezes) seasons.


In a few sentences, the production process of this type of seedling is as follows:


1. The preparation for vaccination begins in winter. The backwoods shall be checked if it is healthy and of sufficient strength to constitute material for the production of new vines. On the basis of the selected backwoods, the   stem is cut to a suitable length protected against infections by special preparations and fungicides. After cutting, the stem is sorted to discard a not very strong pieces or with a bad number of meshes.


2. In the meantime, a similar treatment shall be carried out with the pad used for vaccinating the vine. This pad must also be properly cut and protected. The use of diseased pad or the diseased material will make the vine never get full fertility, there may be a problem with fruiting in some years as well as being more susceptible to any diseases. That is why this initial phase is already very important


3. In the spring, depending on weather conditions and predictions, the date of vaccination is chosen using specially designed machines.


4.  Vines that have been vaccinated must be treated with a special type of wax and paraffin, in proportion to their size, and with fungicidal preparations.


5. After a few days of quarantine in a cold store, the seedlings prepared in this way are transferred in specially prepared containers to the place of first growth with prepared conditions of precisely controlled temperature and humidity. This is the most critical moment subject to strict control. Too low or high temperature and humidity will cause bad growth of the vaccine, drying out or decay of sensitive areas. This stage is subject to strict and frequent control in our nursery. Isolation of the vine from fungal agents is constantly monitored.


6. The initial period of growth ends with an concrescence of vaccination. The specific vine must be grown with a pad throughout its circumference. The so-called callus, i.e. the place of growth, must be not too thin or thick. This is the next step in sorting the seedlings.


7. Such seedlings are planted in the ground in late spring.


8. Throughout the growing season, vines shall be cultivated, trimmed and irrigated.




9. In the subsequent autumn, vines are usually excavated from the ground after the first frosts have occurred.


10. The next step is to sort the vines and trim them to a height of two to three meshes. A short cut is always recommended after the first year. This will ensure that you do not have to deal with it anymore and that your vines will be strengthened for the coming years. Only strong ones with a thick stem and appropriately woody will be offered for sale. Only the strongest ones will be delivered to you. We do not sell any vines of the second category of this type of seedlings, which are intended for our internal purposes. Sorted seedlings are sent to a cold store where they are kept until spring. During this time, they are systematically treated with fungicides.


11. The seedlings are ready for sale in spring.

The right seedling should have a well-developed, even root system (strong roots on one side and on the other side a lack of roots is abnormal). There should be at least 25 cm between the vaccination site and the root growth point. Thanks to this additional length of the stem, vines will be able to be planted deeper. At the height of the stem it will release the additional roots and the main root system will be located at least 30 cm below the surface of the ground, which significantly protects the vine against frost. An additional advantage of this is that such deeply planted vines slightly delays the start of flowering in the spring, which in our climate is very beneficial. And it protects the bush from frosts in May. The stem should be short after being cut in two or three meshes but relatively thick.

 In summary, we present the advantages and disadvantages of a seedling with a naked root.


  • The natural type of vine plant, the process of planting it in spring or autumn, is normal for it. It shall not be treated as being replanted.

  • Such vines are best accepted after planting. The smallest risk of failure.

  • The roots have a natural structure, are stronger and more developed, and have no artificial limitation, in form of the container/pot.

  • Fastest development of vines after planting

  • No thermal shock, no loss of resistance to external effects or environmental changes.

  • The seedlings were growing all the time in the ground in contrast to pot plants, which most often in the first year are grown in greenhouses and foil tunnels.

  • Possibility of deep planting, roots less prone to frost.

  •  The start of vegetation is delayed.

  • Cheap and safe transport.


  • This type of seedling may not be planted in summer. The planting period runs from March to May/June and from October to December

  • The vine should be planted in the ground shortly after purchase. Stopping planting is not recommended and if so, the vines should be kept in suitable conditions. That is why we always give our customers the possibility to choose the delivery so that it is us, who hold the seedling and the customer gets it ready for planting.