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Sale of vine seedlings autumn 2023 – spring 2024
On May 24, we end the sale of annual seedlings (so-called bare root).
We offer annual vines from the so-called bare root, and rooted in pots. Each vine sold is of very high quality. The seedlings contain labels with a plant passport. The vines are grafted on rootstock adapted to the Polish climate. Only the highest quality vines, i.e. first grade, are sold. We do not offer the so-called a second species that we use for our own purposes. Thanks to this, you can be sure that each individual vine purchased from us will be truly ripe. We can tell all those who bought from us in previous seasons who know the quality of our vines that no variety is weaker than in previous years and a large number are even stronger. Please feel free to contact us! See the varieties currently offered: seedlings-one-year-old seedlings 120 cm seedlings 180 cm Adult seedlings – four or five years old All offered vines are grown in our vineyard. They are adapted to cultivation throughout Poland without the use of additional protection. Each variety can withstand frosts of at least -21°C and some even below -30°C. The offered varieties are resistant to diseases and do not require additional chemical protection or other special care. To place an order, just: choose interesting varieties, provide your shipping address choose payment method. You don’t know which varieties to choose? See our guide: “What varieties to choose?” or contact us and we will be happy to help you choose. We also encourage you to visit our guides: Tips for vine seedlings. How do they differ and what should you pay attention to? How to shop step by step. We encourage you to place orders and if you have any doubts, ask questions. We are always happy to talk about vine-related topics. We also offer special discounts and attractive offers for wholesale customers. You can place orders now and choose any delivery date