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We are pleased to announce that from today offer for vine cuttings for the autumn 2019 – spring 2020 season is available.
More details can be found at: Vine offer for fall 2019 / spring 2020
A wide range of vines is offered: you can find wine and juice processing varieties as well as many interesting dessert varieties with different fruit colors and with ripening season extending from July to the beginning of October. 15 of the dessert varieties are seedless grapes . About 30 species are total novelties tested in our cultivation for two years and now available for sale for the first time.

Seedlings can be ordered or reserved from today and choose any delivery date. Planting time begins in November and ends before winter in early December when the soil begins to freeze. Then these vines can be planted in spring from the end of March to the last days of May . We accept variety reservation now with the option of shipping convenient for the customer (it can be both November and May).

Offered vines are grafted on rootstocks adapted to our climate. These seedlings grew in the ground for a year, in the autumn they were dug, trimmed and properly sorted for sale in the form of cuttings from the so-called bare root. We provide, of the highest quality, offered cuttings, all have a well-developed root system and a thick healthy bed, which will result in a certain acceptance and rapid development of the vine.

Only the highest quality vines, i.e. the first grade, are available for sale. We don’t offer the so-called second grade that we use for our own purposes. Thanks to this, you can be sure that every single vine you buy from us will be really good. We can say to all buyers from us in previous seasons who know the quality of our vines that no variety is weaker than in previous years and a large amount is even stronger.

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