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Dear customers,

In connection with the current epidemiological situation and circulating coronavirus, we receive numerous questions about how it affects the activities of the Eden Vineyard and sales.

Therefore, we want to inform you that:

Mail-order sales of vine cuttings work without any difficulties and we are not planning any restrictions at the moment.
We accept orders for immediate implementation and for a later selected date.
Freight traffic throughout Europe, except Italy, operates normally, so we also ship abroad with the exception of this country.
The transportation of vines is safe. Each seedling is waxed at a temperature devastating to the virus just before shipping.
We have taken additional security measures and just before shipping, each package is also disinfected from the outside.
We are not planning any changes at the moment, but we are constantly monitoring the situation with our supplier. We will inform you about everything immediately.

Best regards and safety wishes,

Winnica Eden

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